Specially blended for professionals

Our in-house researchers have carefully selected every variety of grass seed in the ProSelect range for golf and sportsfields. With an unparalleled eye for performance and detail, they ensure that all ProSelect products will exceed your expectations no matter what the demands: durability, playability, heat, wear and disease resistance.
  • Specially blended for professionals, catering for varying climatic conditions and management approaches
  • Country-specific blends recognizing regional variation
  • Formulated through extensive breeding with the most up-to-date varieties from our portfolio
  • Independently tested with outstanding levels of purity, germination and performance
  • Backed up by local technical support as part of an ICL iTurf programme

Riptide plays key role at JCB Golf & Country Club

Callum Wark, Golf Course Manager JCB Golf and Country Club “The rooting has been amazing - we are 300mm of rootzone over 100mm gravel and even now, a year on from opening, the roots are way down into the gravel. They are incredibly strong roots.” Read more

Quality is Everything says Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor, Product & Business Development Manager Grass Seeds ICL Specialty Fertilizers “The turfgrasses within the ICL portfolio take positive characteristics from both US and EU genetic sources. With this strategy we aim to create seed blends with a broad-spectrum of attributes for coping with the diversity of conditions encountered across the UK and Ireland.” Read more

Let us exceed your expectations

Renovator 3GLSD

The choice of many leading European stadiums and golf courses. For rapid renovation when subject to high traffic levels. Excellent turf quality, attractive appearance and intense color.

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Renovator TRT

Includes Torsion, for even greater self-repairing qualities. Torsion’s Turf Repairing Tillers add lateral spreading and high density, making this new blend something very special.

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Creeping bent – no. 1 in the UK’s STRI 2019 New Cultivar Golf Greens listings and top ranks in NTEP and Scangreen for overall turf quality.

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Browntop bent – high performance at low inputs, our UK and Scandinavian listed Heritage is ideal for overseeding golf and bowling greens.

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